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Make sure all votes are counted!

Remember to bring your identification when you vote and tell your friends to do the same!

Because of a new law, you'll probably need an ID if you are a recently registered voter who registered by mail, or if you have changed your address. Seventeen states will require ID from all voters. To be on the safe side, we suggest that everyone bring an ID.

What ID should you bring? A driver's license or another government issued photo ID with your current address and signature is the best form of ID and acceptable in all states. If you don't have a government ID with a current address or signature, don't worry, there are other forms of acceptable ID. Many states will accept a utility bill, student ID, or official correspondence. To find out exactly what is required for your state, visit the Your State page.

Even if you don't have an ID, go to the polls to vote anyway -- as a last resort, you can still cast a provisional ballot (also known as a challange ballot or question ballot) without an ID. Note that in some states, certain provisional ballots won't count, so check the state-by-state requirements to make sure you vote does count!

Learn more about voting ID requirements through our Frequently Asked Questions or by clicking on the links to the left. And no matter what make sure you VOTE on NOVEMBER 2ND or by early voting -- this election is too important for anyone to stay home!

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